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Match History

Match History & In-game Multisearch

Lytical provides fast OP.GG style match history for any player. Kills, CS per Minute, Vision Score, and Objectives. Analyze your contribution to your own games or search high ranked players to increase your impact and win more games!

In-Game Multisearch can help quickly understand your teammates and opponents strengths and weaknesses.


Works on all Regions

Lytical utilizes builtin API's inside of the League of Legends client. This allows our application to function on all regions, including all Garena and WeGame regions.

If you are able to help translate Lytical to another language (no programming experience required) please make an issue on GitHub

Supported Servers/Regions
  • Garena
    • The Philippines (PH)
    • Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (TW/HK)
    • Vietnam (VN)
    • Thailand (TH)
    • Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia (SG/MY/ID)
  • QQ/WeGame/Tencent (CN)
  • Riot Operated (NA/EU/OCE/RU/TR/BR/LAN/KR/JP)
Supports Garena and WeGame
Open Source, Built with Vue.js

Open Source and Ad Free

The Lytical app is forever free and open source. It was created as an All-In-One replacement for regions that don't have access to statistics sites like OP.GG or

Built Using Vue.JS + Electron Lytical is fast and memory efficient. Any PC can run Lytical in the background with no performance impact in game for League of Legends.

This application is released under the Open Source GPLv2 license. You are welcome to contribute to this project in any way you can.


What is Lytical?

Lytical is an alternative League of Legends statistics app like OP.GG for Garena. Our platform offers summoner searching, profiles, lobby multisearch, game statistics and more. If you're looking for OP.GG on Garena (SEA) or WeGame (CN) Lytical is right for you.

Can I share a link to my Lytical Profile?

There is currently no plan to have a web acceisble share feature. Currently the best way to share a match is taking a screenshot and linking that.

Could I be banned for using Lytical?

No. Our app only interfaces with builtin and exposed LCU API endpoints. Lytical is forced to follow the same rules and rate limits as the official client. It functions more like a better user interface for the data that already exists when searching in League of Legends than a traditional statistics database site. Our app has even been approved in the Riot Developer Program

Does Lytical store any user data?

Lytical does not store, log, or otherwise collect any information on its users.

I have a feature idea! Can you please add it?

Please create an issue on GitHub or post a comment in the Request channel on Discord

I can't get Lytical to work! How do I fix this?

Try running as Administrator. If that doesn't work use our Discord server to ask one of our community members to help

Will Lytical work on macOS?

It would be trivial to adapt this application to macOS if there is demand. Share your feedback on GitHub or Discord

created with ❤️ by @downthecrop

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